The Well Being Alliance brings organizations and communities together to accelerate systemic change towards intergenerational well-being for all in the United States. Alliance members are co-creating a common framework for action; adopting shared standards and metrics; assuring a focus on equity; and advancing organizational practice changes, public policies and investment strategies — in service of a broad-based social movement to achieve population-level well-being outcomes in the nation.

25 Leading U.S. Organizations Join Forces in Well Being Alliance and Sign Compacts to Improve Intergenerational Well Being for All

The Alliance exists to catalyze progress toward well-being in the nation by enabling aligned non-profits, communities, institutions and leaders to work together in partnership. Broadly, Alliance members are agreeing to work towards the same basic goal of advancing the mental health and well-being of all Americans by ensuring that everyone has the vital conditions for well-being in the communities where they live, work, worship & play.

The Alliance serves to increase the impact of all participating organizations’ work and accelerate well-being in the nation by working together. Compacts are commitments of Members to themselves and each other.

Organizations contribute to this shared body of work by committing to advancing well-being, the vital conditions for well-being, and the basic principles of the Alliance individually and collaboratively through their leadership and resource allocation.


Together we are improving the vital conditions for inter-generational well-being for all in the US.

We do this by:

  • Co-creating a common framework for action that leverages others’ priorities, assets, initiatives, investments and constituencies.
  • Adopting shared standards and metrics to increase quality and impact
  • Assuring a focus on equity in all we are and all we do
  • Advancing organizational practice changes, public policies and investments
  • Working as ‘co-benefit’ partners to innovate and implement complementary solutions that deliver on multiple well-being outcomes — amplifying and accelerating positive results towards each-others’ missions. (A good solution solves many problems…)
  • Building bridges of respect and shared action — across lines that too oft divide.
What people are saying about the Well Being Alliance


Well Being Alliance “Members” are organizations and communities that have made “Compacts” with all other Members via the Alliance. In addition to Members, the Alliance has “Friends” — people, organizations and communities that subscribe to Alliance objectives, principles and actions – but who have not signed Compacts.

Methods by which Members advance actions and measures, and hold each other accountable include:

  1. Actively working to deliver on your Compacts, while helping each other do the same.
  2. Viewing Compacts as ‘evolving agreements’ – providing for innovation, strategic opportunism, and creative mutually beneficial partnerships.
  3. Endorsing and applying a common set of metrics for measuring well-being.
  4. Periodically measuring and reporting on outputs and outcomes of the organizations actions towards their compacts
  5. Co-designing and advancing a Living Agenda for Mental Health and Well-being in the US, that prioritizes a consonant set of organizational practices, public policies and investments for significantly improving outcomes in the country.
  6. Serving as ambassadors & advocates for well-being in the nation and the WIN Network
  7. Framing solutions-oriented messages that emphasize equitable well-being where able.
  8. Demonstrating and communicating the connections between well-being and your work.
  9. Seeking opportunities to support other WBA member actions and goals.
Well Being Alliance Overview & Compacts

Benefits of Membership

By joining the Alliance, organizations can expect benefits that come from other Alliance members following through on their own commitments and helping each other deliver on theirs.

Members have

  1. Access to message framing and communications materials for well-being and the vital conditions.
  2. Access to the Living Agenda for Mental Health and Well Being in the US, and the connections and opportunities that will come from an Alliance-wide effort to advance its adoption and implementation.
  3. Support and expertise on priority policy or political issues from other members of the Alliance.
  4. New opportunities to fulfill your organization’s mission by connecting with complementary endeavors that fall outside your own scope of work (i.e. partners working on complementary issues (co-benefits) or with a presence in local communities who can participate in pilots, opportunities for joint advocacy, etc.).
  5. Inter-organizational learning.
  6. Building partnerships that could result in joint funding opportunities to enhance well-being.

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