WIN Coronavirus Response

The WIN Network recognizes that, in addition to a massive public health crisis, the Coronavirus pandemic will be associated with additional crises across the vital conditions that disproportionately impact the poor, the elderly and communities of color that already experience equity gaps, including:

  • a pandemic of social isolation;
  • financial insecurity from mass unemployment, toxic stress and domestic violence;
  • an alarming increase in diseases of despair (worsening of mental health and addictions);
  • health inequities in the COVID-19 response that arise from our long history of structural racism.

We also see this as a rare moment of opportunity to build our connectedness, resilience and future legacies together as a nation.  The WIN Network is addressing these connected crises in five ways:

  1. Lifting up stories, strategies and a shared narrative around the interconnection between mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being for people and communities.
  2. Demonstrating how legacies of the past, such as structural racism that other inequities that perpetuate trauma and exclusion, are exacerbated in the context of this epidemic.
  3. Identifying and mobilizing our network around opportunities to implement policies and practices that advance inclusion and equity.
  4. Supporting communities to enhance social connection, economic inclusion, physical and mental health and community well-being with an equity lens in the context of their coronavirus response that helps address needs today and builds greater agency, equity, and connection in the future.
  5. Advancing strategies to redesign our health and well-being system to create greater connection, well-being and equity.

We invite you to join us in this journey.  Together, we will lean into this moment of need to create health, well-being and equity in the nation for years to come.

Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing

To support colleagues in the field who are responding to the pressing needs of our communities we have set up this online library to support peer-to-peer resource sharing. To contribute to this page, suggest a resource with this form and select the “Coronavirus Pandemic” topic.