The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network is a growing strategic network of organizations and communities coming together to advance well-being and equity over generations by expanding the vital conditions everyone needs to thrive through relationships and system change.  WIN look to the leadership of people in places across the country who confront challenges to enrich health and well-being in a way that is inclusive of everyone. We believe that, together, we can secure intergenerational well-being for all.

WIN begins with a recognition that the legacies of the past have shaped our present and the decisions we make today—about who we are, how we are with one another, and how we support those in need throughout life—will shape the legacies inherited by generations in the future.

We have no say in how policies and systems were shaped by people who lived before us: the legacies of previous generations are the starting points for our lives. It is our obligation to assure the vital conditions of health and well-being for ourselves and for future generations, to assure a legacy that moves us toward a thriving, interconnected, equitable world.

We imagine several interconnected cooperative streams of work that members of the WIN Network will lead which are described below.

Policies and Investments

– A set of policy and system agendas at the community, state, and national level that advance intergenerational well-being and equity.

Dialogues, Storytelling, and Narrative Change

– A set of initiatives to build intergenerational dialogue and storytelling to help connect the nation and shift understanding about who we are, how we got here, and how we might create well-being and equity.

Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning

– A cooperative that helps measure, understand, and improve intergenerational well-being over time, assuring that data is equitably available to communities to generate the vital conditions for well-being.


– Pacesetter initiatives, organizations, and communities demonstrate what intergenerational well-being looks like and can help others scale what works.

A Capacity Building System

– A system that can support communities on this journey, regardless of where they start, and helps them adopt/adapt what works for their community.

A Well Being Alliance

– A tighter network of leading organizations and communities that are committed to demonstrating these principles, adopting shared measures, and advancing a social movement for investment and policy changes that can achieve population-level outcomes.