Washington DC, October 31 – Today, Well Being Trust (WBT) and 25 leading US non-governmental organizations announce the creation of the Well Being Alliance (WBA), committed to accelerating systemic change towards improved intergenerational well-being outcomes for all in America. Alliance members are co-creating a common framework for action; adopting shared standards and metrics; assuring a focus on equity; and advancing organizational practice changes, public policies and investment strategies — in service of a broad-based social movement to achieve population-level well-being outcomes in the nation.

Well Being Alliance is a cooperative of the newly formed Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network, which engages leadership from across the country to confront challenges and enrich health and well-being in a way that is inclusive of everyone. The WIN Network began with a recognition that the legacies of the past have shaped the present, and the decisions made today will shape the legacies inherited by generations in the future.

“The Well Being Alliance is committed to creating the conditions for intergenerational well-being for all in the United States,” said Tyler Norris MDiv, chief executive, Well Being Trust, WBA’s first seed-investor. “Our partners are working arm in arm to bring solutions to the nation’s most vexing health challenges, with a focus on reversing legacies of inequity, and assuring every person has the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.”

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